Passion for your home is a dream we bring to life. We have a thoughtful design process and connect with dynamic showrooms. We work with the best professionals and craftspeople to make your home uniquely yours. 

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Whole House Design

The whole house projects encapsulate planning a cohesive flow throughout the house that meets the functionality of the homeowner. Our objective is to give you a feeling of connection to your new surroundings. We want to inspire you and elicit a sense of harmony and serenity in your home.


Bathroom Design

Bathroom designs can be as big or as small within your individual framework. We are excited about any bathroom design project, whether it is a simple remodel or a new, complex design. We ensure the final bathroom design represents your concept, vision, and ultimately your inspiration. 


Kitchen Design

The kitchen space incorporates a cohesive design that stems from your unique vision. From tile and structure to cabinetry and countertops, we sincerely enjoy matching the dynamic pieces of this project together. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable space that's uniquely yours. 


Living in Place Design

Living in place environments can vary significantly based on the living requirements, which is why we love these projects. We thoroughly adhere to your individualized specifications for universal living, making the space safe, comfortable, and a true home. The uniqueness of these projects deeply inspires us. 


Overview of Design Projects

The scope of work for all projects include design plans with detailed electrical and plumbing layouts, and elevations of walls with tile, backsplash detailing, flooring, cabinetry, and counter tops. The invested time will also include collaborating with the contractors and trade professionals, in addition to client visits, showrooms for selections, trade show outings, and walk-through meetings.

Design Project Budgets

The price for any given project will differ based on the varying scope of work. The range in scope is based on the size of the house, the amount of customization and fine detailing desired, and the amount of time needed for communication and coordination during the construction phase. Upon meeting, we will provide an accurate price range based on the scope of the project.


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